When I was younger, I had an entire wall in my bright pink bedroom devoted to stories. Simply called Abby’s Story Wall, it was covered from floor to ceiling with crayon illustrations and misspelled sentences. The tiny pieces of paper hung up on the wall were all a part of my roots as a storyteller. Although I am taking storytelling in a different direction today, the heart of a story sticks with me all the same. Now, I welcome you all to my digital story wall: my blog.

I am Abby Miller, and I am still a storyteller at my core. I am a sophomore at Ohio University, double majoring in News and Information Journalism and Political Science. My interests are as unique as my background and perspective, allowing me to examine a story from all sides.

Today, I aim to reach out into other mediums besides print (and crayons). Diversifying my skill set is a priority, as I am dabbling in social media outreach and know basic video editing. I write both print and digital news, allowing me to keep my writing skills strong, but branch out onto new platforms as well.

If there’s one thing that looking back at the snippets of absurd stories from Abby’s Story Wall has taught me, it’s that no one is perfect at anything when they first begin. I’m still working on honing my writing abilities and adding new skills to my toolbox. I invite you to follow my journey as I not only grow as a multimedia storyteller, but a person, through my college experience.

And that’s what Abby’s Story Wall is all about. It’s a collection of stories—some professional, some personal—showcasing my growth as a human and storyteller. I hope you enjoy the adventures as much as I do.

Email: abbylawrencem@gmail.com | Twitter: @abblawrence